SINCE 2012
Create your own history…


Guided Tours designed to your liking & preferences for the best places in Panama. With the motorcycle you choose.


Choose your motorcycle and go out to enjoy it for as long you want.

Our Guided Tours are 100% personalized, customizable with your preferences & duration

“The Time is Now!…”

Or… you can choose our packages:

You don’t have enough time?       Don’t worry.

We have 1 Day Guided Tour!

4 Days / 3 Nights


2 Days / 1 Night

Do you like roads through the mountains?  We have great mountain routes with incredible views.

Do you like the countryside, see the animals and extensive vegetation? ¡These routes are for you!

7 Days / 6 Nights

The most popular package for enjoying through the Country!, You will meet Bocas del Toro Islands and even can swim in 2 oceans.

Meet wonderful places in Panama!

Moto Tour Panama, S.A.

Desde 2012

Come to Panama and adventure through the world's most famous isthmus. Experience the beauty of Central America from the Atlantic to the Pacific.



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